Nate Fischer Laguna Beach Interior Design Studio

Full scale redesign or construction

For clients that want a home or space done from top to bottom. At Nate Fischer Interiors, we address every need for your project, from the technical side of space planning, kitchen/bath design and construction drawings to the decorative side of material and finish selections, furniture/decor and paint color selections. First, contact us to schedule a casual phone or in person discussion about your project. After reviewing the project details, we are able to access our role as your designer, along with your needs and wishes. We provide a proposal with the best options for the structure and fees of your project. From there, together we meet at the project to get all the needed photos and measurements. We review your design style preferences, and other unique project specifics. After this in-depth meeting we have what we need to get started on your project.

Nate Fischer Laguna Beach Interior Design Studio

Decorating & styling

We love working with clients that just need some help on a portion of a room, or just pulling a great style together in their home. A brief phone review of your vision is usually enough to let you know how we can help. We work on an hourly basis, and will give you estimates of the time needed to complete your design and decorating plan. We offer a “designer for a day” opportunity where the designer and you spend a day in your home making decisions. The designer can bring out needed paint and material samples, and anything else that will help make quick and decisive decisions. This option is great for someone that would like to implement their project themselves, and simply needs help on specific items. Half day to full day “designer for a day” rates range from $750-$1,200.

Nate Fischer Laguna Beach Interior Design Studio


Do you live outside of California, but love our style? Let’s work together. Here’s how it’s done-

  1. We have a phone review to discuss your project. We learn a little about you and your personal style.
  2. We send you the design fee for your project. Project fees vary depending on room size, budget, and the amount of customized elements your room may need. Most E-Design projects have an average design fee of $1,500.
  3. We get photos of the room, and will instruct you on how to measure and sketch the floorplan of your room.
  4. The first step is for us to send you our proposed layout for the room. Once approved, this give us an inventory of what is needed, and most important, the proper size requirements for each piece.
  5. We start designing, focusing on products you can easily order yourself. We make any necessary paint or material selections, including flooring and tile. When necessary we love to include great details like trimwork and molding, accent lighting locations and cabinetry.
  6. We send you a visual presentation, showing two options for each item needed. We provide links or information on where to order. Some products, we might be able to order for you at a discount. We have a phone review where we will walk you through our selections, and let you know why we love it.
  7. You click through our product links, and order away! If any detail or installation drawings are needed, we provide that as well.

From start to finish, most projects take a few weeks. Give us a call, or email us the story of your project.

Nate Fischer Laguna Beach Interior Design Studio

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